MSCA Early Stage Researcher in SellSTEM

1-year fully funded PhD position as a MSCA Early Stage Researcher in SellSTEM, a MSCA ITN in Spatial Cognition in STEM Learning at the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering/CREATE Research Group, Technological University Dublin.
Thesis project:

Teacher professional development to foster the development spatial ability of school children beyond existing levels.

(Note: the successful candidate will be expected to independently steer the direction of the thesis and the research questions while remaining within this theme).

Twelve (12) months of funding will allow a student who is starting or continuing their PhD to make substantial progress as they will be joining an established research group and network. It would also allow an existing PhD student to bring their studies to completion, or close to that point, provided they can remain within the above theme. Funding for PhD fees and research costs will be provided.  

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